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Hi all,

Last week and again tonight, I tried Disk Cleanup (windowsxp) The first box came up and even though it says "this may take a few minutes", it seemed to be stuck at "3 bars", or "calculating....compressing files (something of that nature) for about 15 minutes. This process used to take only about 30 seconds. I cancelled and closed it.

Last week, I was showing a newbie how to do it, it was pokey, I cancelled and closed it. Computer got sluggish. One of the kids (we had a housefull) brought up the Task Manager and he declared "Disk Cleanup is using up 99% CPUs" and ended it through the Task Manager Processes Page (after I cancelled and closed the thing). By the way, I did the same as he did tonight with the Task Manager and rebooted....

Am I just not allowing it enough time or is something out of whack? I hope this question even makes sense! Remember, be simple, I'm a noob :) Thanks, Liz

Edit: Went to Microsoft support where I found this:


Warning If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk. (and instructions for the workaround)

I do NOT like what it says about not guaranting this nor the use at your own risk part. Pretty irresponsible, I say. Is there another way??

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Two things

1. Open regedit. file/regedit/export/give name/save.

You now can dbl click this to fix what gets messed up during the edit process.

2. Try it in safe mode.

restart machine while machine is booting tap F8 this should take you to a screen with options for safe mode....


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If you are having a hard time getting into "Safe Mode" here's an easier way to do it.

From the Start menu's Run dialog, enter the command MSConfig. Click on the BOOT.INI tab and check the /SAFEBOOT box. Now when you boot, Windows will go into Safe mode. Naturally, when you no longer need Safe mode, you'll repeat the process and uncheck that box. One caveat: Don't experiment with the other settings on this tab. You could wind up unable to get back into MSConfig to undo your changes.

I found this somewhere, I think maybe on this site. It saves a lot of hassles! Good Luck B)

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OR..I usually use one of these programs instead..Based on when the last time you used the Windows disk can take some time.....




Both of these work great..and easy cleaner has a registery cleaner and more..good luck..

I also use DiskCleaner. I absolutely love it! It's done such a fantastic job cleaning up the computer. :)

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Hi All,

Lots of great things to try--I apologize for not keeping up with this thread, although I have been reading your helpful answers....Son has been hogging the idiot box for end of school year stuff, and I have only been online for a few minutes a day--but soon I HOPE to dive into the Spring Cleanup again--he only has one week left of school!

Robroy--your answer led me to another question. When Disk Cleanup stuck, Son said, "well I can do that anyways" and cleaned out the temp internet files, temp files, cookies (recycle bin was already empty) and announced that was the same as Disk Cleanup. Is that what you were talking about?

Although I probably will try Safe Mode first, then one of the programs mentioned, I looked them up and was intrigued by the "registry cleanup" on one of them. Not going to do that without a program!! Might as well do a thorough cleaning :)

Its thundering, better sign off, but thanks and I wasn't ignoring you all :) Liz

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