App. That Will Convert Mp3 To Wav Then Burn?

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Ive been looking for a program that will convert mp3 files into wav and then burn those wav files into an audio cd that i can listen to on standalone cd players but there are too many and i cant find a decent one, so i maybe thought some one here might know of one. (preferably freeware)

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hey thanx for the suggestion guys, but i am not looking for an app like that. Im looking for a program that will convert mp3 files into an audio cd that u can listen to on cd player. See to make an audio cd i usually do this, make a playlist with winamp, then also with winamp convert those mp3 files to wav. Then take those wav files and put them into windows media player and then burn all the wav files onto a cd. What i want is to only use one program to convert and burn, instead of using 2 like i do.

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Well, I am not sure about a good burning/converting software, but it sounds to me you would be better off buying a new cd player--one that supports MP3s. MP3s are smaller, and for you, would save you a lot of time in converting. And, it still works with all your older cds, that are on wav format.

Just my input...

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When you make an "Audio" CD, not "Data", it converts MP3 to wav, then burns it.

It's not a permanent conversion, just for the burning of an 'Audio" CD.

In the FAQs:

Does DeepBurner create intermediate, temporary WAV files when burning audio CDs from MP3 files?

Yes, DeepBurner creates a temporary wav files if you burn mp3-files on an audio cd. This files are deleted when you close the audio-cd layout or the whole program.

I've had no problems listening to the CDs in players, that don't support MP3s.

Also, Audio CDs don't, or rarely, work on CD-RWs.

Just use regular CDs.

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Converting from MP3 to WAV is a wasted step as Audio CDs use .cda I believe. You should've just been able to take the MP3s into WMP and then burn from there. I'm not entirely sure though, so don't hold me to it ;).

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