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The way I learned:

quick ask zoe

what stops xrays

even dogs can

red fish vanish

then grow bigger

yaks hear noises

under jacks mattress

i keep commas

over long periods


:) I learnt it in 3rd grade...6 years ago...must be effective ;)

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I relearned how to type when we got this computer about 3 years ago. Hadn't typed in over 30 years, so definitely needed a good program.

The best one as far as various reviews etc is the one I have, Typing Instructor Deluxe 11th edition. It shows up on CompUSA's "free after rebates" sales every so often, and I have seen it at other stores too. A full program, with lessons based on your level, practice stuff, plus some neat, but corny, typing games that really help you build speed and accuracy.

God bless everyone.

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If you can find it, there is an excellent program called "Paw's Typing Town"...I learned how to type with it as a kid in my elementary school computer lab (our class would go there weekly); it is well set up, and quite fun....i mean, as fun as learning to type can get...

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