Try Mandrake 10 Again

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hi team im in the process of retrying mandrake 10.

in the past ive been critical of the linux sys"s

and i still hold that view.

that it is a hard sys to come to grips with for the ordinary user.

i must mention handplane and hitest went out of their way to try and help me

and i appreciated their input.

and rather than. critersizing this forum.because of them i felt it better not to post on this forum.

however i want to retry mandrake 10

i had it on once and i found unlike other linux oses it found all hardware drivers.

but that dam modem driver.

but it looks as tho im going to have to use a dual boot with winxp.

now my Q can any one help me to configure the modem.

i bought a linux compatable modem an intel[r] 536ep modem.

i have the modem cd but it is for mandrake 9.1.

can i get help here.

i would appreciate it. by the way im on dial up 56k modem.



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Not much I can do to help (never used MDK or a modem under Linux) but for those of you in a better position the MDK 10 driver is here.

I'm in the same position as jcl; I've never used a modem under Linux, always used broadband. Broadband is a lot easier to set-up in Linux. Good luck with that.

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As I have no experience with setting up a dial-up/modem in mandrake, not sure I can be that much help but I'll give it a shot.

jcl gave you the link to the driver, but before you install it you need to install the kernel source...Since you said this is a dual-boot system, download the file using windows and save it to C:\ (makes getting to it from mandrake easier)

reboot to mandrake

to verify which kernel you are running, in a terminal>type "uname -a" (without the quotes)>>>most likely will say "Linux localhost">now to install the kernel source

kmenu>system>configuration>packaging>install software>>>>password

easiest way to find it, tick "all packages, alphabetical"> scroll down to and put a check in the box for "kernel-source-2.6-" (if "uname -a" gave you a different number, select that one) ....Have your install CDs ready >install.

now for the driver, in konqueror browse to /mnt/windows>>r-click "intel-536ep-4.69-mdk10-up.tgz">copy and paste it to your /home/Marty (or whatever) folder.

r-click >"intel-536ep-4.69-mdk10-up.tgz">actions>extract here

open the "intel-536EP-" folder>r-click an empty area>actions>"open terminal here"

in the terminal>type "su" (without the quotes)>enter the root password

type "make clean">enter (no quotes)

type "make 536">enter (no quotes)

type "make install"> (no quotes)

This will create a /dev/modem device file. This file is used as an interface to

modem by all applications: minicom, kpppd, efax, etc.

I have no experience configuring the dial-up application in mandrake but if you've gotten this far and have set it up before, you should be all set

good luck ;)

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