Ne Openoffice Blows Me Away

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ok I have had my problems with OpenOffice.. I did not like the spread sheet program.. I did not like how it made my first letter a capital. I also had problems with everything looking so large..

their drawing program was horrable. the presenter was way behind koffice and MS office. no Access type program..

So what is this about..

Openoffice Bata 2.. is well outstanding..

first the drawing program is almost as good as VISIO and if I had my stenciles it would be in the " good enough" catagory.

the writer.. is beyond god enough and in my openion has reached is as good.

Calc .. 100% improvment.. for me it works now.. wow

no more problems with not having a access like program.. its here and can do more.. what ?? yes it can use access databases along with mysql MSsql Oracle and about 15 others..

This is definently going in my distro..

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I did find one problem on linux.. they only have RPM's now.. so if you run anything but Red Hat/SuSE/Fedora/Mandrake you are hosed...

I have preparted the rpms to be installed on anyother linux distro..

to install you can do one of two things..

do a tar -zxvf OpenOffice_linux_friendly.tar.gz

and copy opt and usr to /

or just untar it at /

what did I do..

I used rpm2tar and created tar.gz files out of the rpms and then untarted them..

you can do this also..

you need to create the shortcuts in your memu but the things in the usr folder are the icons so if you copy that you should have no problem finding the icons

the exacutables are under


and have names like swriter and scalc and so on.. should not be hard to find them.

give to about 5 pm EST 3/10/2005 for my upload of it to show up.

edit ________________________________________________________________________

sorry wrong link th ecorrect one is

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