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I think that this is a problem when there are incompatible third party apps which need updating first.

Have you tried the "IE NO ADD ONS MODE" with all add ons disabled? Programs => accessories => system tools => IE NO ADD ONS

Trying to find the network install download link for IT pros.

Keep getting browser freeze in opera and mozilla

Ah here you go;displaylang=en

Try download and reinstall.

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Tried to reinstall but it will not allow me since it has been upgraded. So who knows what is going on. Maybe just using FF until I reinstall is what I am going to have to do. It sucks because I have lots of stuff that require IE. Also, I tried the no addons and that one does not work either. I launched into safe mode and it works just fine. So I don't get it.

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Did you try the no add ons mode?

If it works it is an incompatible add on that you need to remove.

If not have you tried going to control panel => add/remove programs and uninstall

Windows Internet Explorer 8. (Note that it is Windows Internet Explorer and not Internet Explorer).

There should be options to roll back and repair and uninstall.



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OK I disabled ones that were not verified and here are some that I had to disable.

1) Sophos Web Content Scanner (Sophos is my virus scanner)

OK it came right up with the no addons version. so what does that mean? Does it mean something funked up some where?
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but what you are saying I can not do either of. there is nothing allowing me to uninstall either of them. I am just stuck with that one thing not working until they update anti virus I guess.

That is correct. Good job of troubleshooting and narrowing it down.

Hopefully both someone from Sophos Antivirus support and from the IE 8 Outreach Team (and they will forward it to the appropriate Microsoft entity) will read this and submit a trouble ticket and get this solved promptly.

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