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Hey guys, I need to build a fileserver real quick. Now, I got the option of getting either a Celeron D 2.5ghz or a P4 1.8ghz.

I been outta of the computer world for a while, so which of these CPU's would be better for my needs?

Like I said, I would use the computer for File Storage / Media Streaming.

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with a file server (depending on what the base OS) anything over a gig will show no real performance increase. if you are using windows as a base.. well that may change but I see no difference in performance for that task in the two processors you propose.. I would get the cheaper one.

your network will have a much bigger effect on performance of a file server..

With FreeNAS I have a 350 Pentium and 256 megs of ram. I am not using the ISCSI which would need some ram. I moved it to an AMD 2500 to see if there was a difference.. nope.. bench marks came out the same and real world worked out the same.. the only difference is I could use a modern raid controller on the AMD board, which did speed things up and made me feel better doing a raid 10.

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