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This is to announce my linux distrobution.. Iccaros-linux

you can find my newsite at

The site is not finished and needs lots of work.. but I do have the download section mostly done.. you can download the first release..

what is in it..

kde 3.3

k3b cd/dvd burning


realplayer 10






kasablanca (gui ftp client)






the GIMP

windows terminal server client (my script)

skype voip software


vnc software

KPPP for modem users

wireless tools




slapt-gui package manager


mounting scripts for your removable drives.. (no commandline needed)

netIQ endpoint software

this is release one..

its based on slackware 10.0

first question people will have when booting..

not gui at boot.. yes this is a a good thing.. I have a good amount of techs who want a fast boot and are going to use it to ssh or ftp or telnet into a unix/linux box.. but to get a gui is easy...

a screen will come up at the login prompt (like slax) that gives you the root passwd and username password.

login as iccaros

password for iccaros is soracci

to use kde type gui

to use fluxbox type guifast

to get advanced gui fetures log in as root (such as user shutdown and reboot)

and type kdm


please let me know if their are any problems.

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Let me know..

This cd is based on scripts that turn a linux install into a live cd.. They were on the slax site, but has been down since the 21st.

I have the scripts on my site and my changed scripts.. the origianl scripts had problems if you made an install larger than 186 megs.. Its a OVLFS problem.. OVLFS is no longer in development so I made some workarounds.

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for now.. It has a (bad) hard drive installer. The goal is this a distrobution that can be a live cd.. can be installed as any other disto.. and then your can make your distro a live cd to take with you..

Knoppix you can install but it hard to make what you install in to a cd again..

also because its based on the slax scripts you can make plug in cds.. you what dvdrip or you want a diffrent software or more software.. its easy to add (as soon as I write up how that is)

I have two more versions almost ready.. (next few weeks..)

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?? their is only one .. one .iso and the other is the md5 hash so you can check to see if you have a good download.

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right now its like Knoppix.. I am still working on the site. so if you have problems let me know.

if you see typing errors also let me know..

Thanks for trying it out..

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try a program called prozilla..

if you are using linux..

sorry I don't know any for windows.. as I don't use except for autocad and Visio

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right now its like Knoppix..  I am still working on the site. so if you have problems let me know.

if you  see typing errors also let me know..

Thanks for trying it out..

I'll give it a try in the next little while and down load it, iccaros. I have a huge project at work that has me swamped for the next two weeks so I won't be on-line as much as usual.

Thanks for getting your web server on-line.

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"is this the same version I tried? Did you fully remove the harddrive installer, or just not reccomend people use it?"

its almost the same .. no crossover office or MS office like the Proof of consecpt.. added some software. I hope I fixed some memory issues.

The harddrive script is their and has been improved but I still don't like it.. I would sugesst people not install it on a system with windows or anything else for that matter. I don't trust my skills yet to say I know its will not mess up anything..

so why is it still their..

Well say you have vmware or a free system.. you would like to build your own cd with your software.. remove some ..add some..

install the cd..

download my scripts (the original slax scripts will not work with my cd)

copy the scripts to /tmp

type tar -zxvf iccaros-live-linux-scripts.tar.gz

cd to teh new folder

type ./

this will create a licecd.iso in your /tmp folder..

now your on yoru way to create any linux cd you would like

I will have a full write up inhte next few weeks.. I have finals at school and I still work so I will do my best to meet that tiem frame.

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