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I'm wanting to set up a home web server for testing purposes, intranet only. Right now I'm planning on setting up openSUSE 11 x86 in Virtual Box (running on Windows 7 RC1 x64) on a 10GB vhd with 512MB RAM. I'm just not sure how to go about partitioning on it. Assuming I can get it set up correctly I'm just wanting to throw various CMS on it to try and learn to use them and also for testing layouts.

Could anyone recommend a good partition structure for said server. Note: I know very little about linux. I've dual booted XP and Ubuntu several times but always end up deleting the Linux partition because I have no real use for it.

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A single ext3 partition for / should be fine. If the installer doesn't understand swap files you'll probably want a small swap partition, too; 512 MiB should be more than enough.

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