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I am so excited to be able to share this great find with all my Newbie Brethren. I was surfing on the Sea of Linux and rode the wave to this island paradise . Finally the complexities of this marvelous OS explained in terms even I understand. This website should be looked at by those of you who are considered by many to be "expert". Not because you will learn something in a technical sense (although you may), but .....Allow me to use an analogy to better explain what it is that I'm trying to say. Often, when I stop someone on the street to ask for directions to a place I've never been to before, I get directions from someone who knows how to get there in the dark, and subsequently they leave out some very important milestones, due to their familiarity. It is not my intention to undermine or disrespect anyone's efforts in pointing me in the right direction. I don't blame others for my inconsistencies. More often than naught I don't get the answer I'm looking for because I lacked the the information to ask the right question. The explanations on the website I just posted leave nothing to chance. It is my hope that one day I too will be able to help others to understand this great OS.

:D Mad Mike

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