Linkscanner Stands Alone Once More

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April 20, 2009 4:26 PM PDT

LinkScanner stands alone once more

by Seth Rosenblatt

"LinkScanner is once again available as an independent plug-in for Windows-based Firefox and Internet Explorer, following more than a year spent as a feature of AVG Technologies' AVG security suite. Still available as part of AVG, users can now once again download LinkScanner independently of AVG's antivirus software, and for free.

The new LinkScanner works much the same as the original one did. Once you've installed the EXE, AVG's "Search Shield" returns search results from both Google and Yahoo with flags next to them. Green flags on Google indicate a result is safe to click through to, while Yahoo safe results display no flags. Links that are unsafe on both search engines will return red flags."

CNET - article & screenshot -


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If that's the case, it's worth noting that the LinkScanner technology was originally designed to check for malware and other online threats by analyzing the content of websites and webpages in real-time, before the user visited them. You can visit site for more ideas. However, it was also criticized for its impact on system performance and for potentially generating false positives.

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You do realize you responded to a post dated 2009 ? Chances are times have changed & some no longer work in today's Malware chase !! In fact AVG is just a hog for slowing down computers & not doing anything special, my opinion is to remove it !! Next time try & pick a topic closer to out time level !!


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