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I got Reader_S on my Windows XP laptop and in the process of purging it ended up deleting a lot of infected system files. I'm pretty sure the virus is gone, but the computer won't start up again. I originally thought that this was because of the system files, but I got some help in another thread that allowed me to replace the system32's, so the computer should have been fine, but it wasn't. It still won't log on. It gets to the welcome screen and accepts my password, and I get to the point where I can see my background, then it logs me off again. Any advice? I need to access the old files I have on there, I forgot to back up some things.

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your computer has been corrupted completely due to which you have already deleted win 32 file .

so that it is very important to reinstalled the windows again.

if you have a boot able operating system disk.

put the disk in the computer and restart the computer.

try to installed the windows again , only delete the c drive while installing the windows so that all the data safe in the hard disk.

you can repaired the windows if you have the recovery windows disk.

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