Google Advises Flushing Your Website

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Google advises flushing your website

Lessons in load time

By Cade Metz in San Francisco

3rd April 2009 00:17 GMT

Web 2.0 Expo Steve Souders is the sort of person who spends his Saturday afternoons measuring website load-times. "You might watch football games," he says. "I watch websites load."

After founding the Exceptional Performance Group at Yahoo! - an effort to improve website speed from the websurfer's point of view - Souders now does similar work inside the Google Chocolate Factory. And on Thursday afternoon, he trumpeted his newest load-time tricks at Tim 2.0'Reilly's Web 2.0 Expo in downtown San Francisco.

RegAd('mpu1', '', 'pos=top;sz=336x280', VCs); Souder's over-arching philosophy is that the best way to improve load-times is to focus on front-end performance. When the typical webpage loads, he says, between 80 and 90 per cent of the wait time occurs after the html document has already arrived.

"In that html document is a manifest where the web developer has dictated what else should be dictated in what order," he told gathered dev types this afternoon, pointing to some typical load-time stats for iGoogle.

Full article -


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Flishing? ;)

There are quite a few sites I frequent that can use that article, pronto! One takes its time loading the header portion. Then takes its time loading the title portion. Then the sidebar. Then the content portion (but no content yet!). Then the ads start to load. THEN the content loads. Then any leftover scripts or whatever. As soon as I see the content (the text article I'm looking for) I hit the "Stop" button so I don't have to wait any more. Hello? Anybody there? Have you TRIED loading one of your pages? At least they stopped using popup ads. <_<

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very sharp picking up my typo error but it did get ur attention. LOL My right hand is in a splint type cast so 2 finger typing is a real pain!! Ever try using a right hand mouse with your left hand? Now that is a barrel of laughs. Cast will probably remain until the end of the month but I do my best.

I have been on sites that take forever to load so now I know ^ anyone else that reads my post.

Cheers & have a great week.

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I thought 'flishing' might be a new word, 'til I read the article. ;)

The site I was talking about that takes FOREVER to load is one I use every day, so PLEASE let this article light a fire under coder's behinds.

It's part of a larger problem I've noticed since the beginning of computer time: The people making sites often have access to the latest and greatest software and hardware, so they never notice the bottlenecks. They also tend to incorporate the latest oh-so-cool tricks, which inevitably results in even slower load times for proletariat like me. :(

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LOL My right hand is in a splint type cast so 2 finger typing is a real pain!! Ever try using a right hand mouse with your left hand? Now that is a barrel of laughs.

Ohhh my, don't laugh like that. Same thing happened to me and I can't go back to right hand "mousing". Which really bothers folks when I move their mouse around to suit me! It wasn't the two fingered typing/typos. It was the dang splint with a mind of it's own...

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U got that right - it's a real bummer!! the cast has brought up weird and wonderful things I never knew existed in my puter. I sported a real shiner as well as I torpedoed head first and fractured my right cheek as well. I looked like a huge Mac truck had run over me & that is not to say that I didn't feel one ran over me. But u know, one must keep seeing the funny side ... when the doc at the hospital was pulling my fingers to get the bones back into place .. I cried like a baby but also told him I was not going to take him home with me cuz he was abusive to which he said "honey we ain't done yet - 2 more pulls". baawwwah!!!

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Ouch, ouch, ouch! No pulling on my fingers, just the end of the radius crushed. After 11 months, doc decided to do a graft from my hipbone to re-a-line it. Honest, you do not ever want to have them chopping away at your hipbone. That was far more painful than the wrist or even when they took the hardware out.


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