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I just completed an install of Suse Linux 9.1 Professional. I had this installed once before and all was well, 'til I screwed something up (ignorance is NOT bliss). On this install I followed the recommendations for passwords and can't login. After the boot is complete I follow the prompts: Login Name:_________ Password:__________ And the last prompt is :login Name@linux~>________, I wrote down EVERYTHING and nothing I enter following the(>) symbol does anything. I'm as frustrated with this bulls__t as I have been with Micro$oft. I need help! :angry:

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how many charaters are in your password. if its more than 8 try only using the first 8.. also try loging in as root. you should have made two passwords at install..

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Thanks for the replies, but what I did was to re-boot from disc one and do a re-install. I'm currently in the Linux OS and having a ball. I had this system up and running about a year ago but went at things uninformed. This time I'll take my time studying the user and administrator guide. Get familiar with utilizing the Windows emulator and it'll be so long Billy boy (Gate$) Thanks and I'm sure I'll be asking more questions later. :D

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I forgot method 2... boot anylive cd.. mount the disk..

chroot to mount point..

example you mount you suse disk as /mnt/suse

chroot /mnt/suse /bin/bash

type passwd

enter new root password..

reboot. you now have the root password

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