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The BestTechie Administrators and Moderators are proud to announce this addition to our Open Chat area of the forums. Over time, we've come to realize how important events and politics around the world are to our members. So now, we've created a place to discuss them! We hope this will be an exciting addition to our forums!

Please familiarize yourself with the following rules before posting:

  • You are allowed to discuss political news
  • You are allowed to discuss political opinions
  • You are allowed to create polls to aid in your discussion
  • You are allowed to share news and opinion article you find on the web
  • You are allowed to share news and opinion images regarding politics
  • You are allowed to have political avatars and/or signatures so long as they are in good-taste

  • You are not allowed to intentionally attack other members
  • You are not allowed to post new topics or replies with the sole intention of causing disruption
  • You are not allowed to attack or discriminate against a race, religion, or life style

  • Political discussion is to be held in this forum ONLY and may not carry over into any other section of BestTechie. The only exception to this is the use of avatars or signatures that adhere to the above rules.

We've created this as a sub-forum so that those who do not wish to participate don't have to. As an admin and mod team, we will be watching the forum carefully to make sure the rules are followed. If you have any issues, contact a moderator or administrator immediately.

We also promise that the administration and staff will not discriminate against members due to postings in this forum.

With all that said, we hope you enjoy the forum!

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