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Hey folks,

I used to be pretty active on here probably from 2005-2007, but have just been incredibly busy and haven't posted here (and feel kinda guilty).

Every now and then I've stopped by and read some posts from some of the familiar faces around here, Jeff, marty, hondaboy, bubba bob, ect, and just wanted to say hey!

I'm on my Xmas break from school (I'll be a junior next semester at MIT if I passed all of my finals) and I really felt like doing some internet reminiscing since this site, especially the forum, was a pretty big part of my tech knowledge growth.

Happy Holidays!


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Haha, found out I today passed my classes from this semester (A and 2 B's)!

So now I'm half of the way to my degree in mechanical engineering - but I'm surprisingly the tech go-to guy around my friends when people in my house have computer problems, or have wanted to build computers (comp sci majors don't know anything about "real" computer problems)

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Wow, MIT! Geez way to make me feel dumb. I go to a community college :P But hey, I'm not majoring in tech crap though (anymore that is). Gots me A's in Digital Graphic Arts and Social Problems and B's in Psychology and Networking I. Dumping the CIS major for something more along the lines of either, Mass Comm, Psychology, Sociology, or Art with an emphasis in Digital Graphic Arts. Not sure what yet.

Hope you aren't majoring in Theoretical Physics. :rolleyes: (It's a Half-Life joke for those of you that don't get it)

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