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hi team a 500kg squid has been

caught in the southern ocean

and is beeing transported by truck and trailer

to a test center

once the pics are realeased to the media

ile send a pic to the board

my that would make many a breakfast


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i didnt see the trailer

but i believe it took the length of the truck and trailer

some where abut 56ft

ime not sure of this length

but once the info is here

ile release it

this is the third one this year

caught in the ross sea

and the american research team

in the antartic

says they are even bigger

in the lower depths

and to think killer whales fight them and eat them

apperently the whale goes for the beak

and once that is disabled

they are open prey

they also fight back

if they can get there tenticles over the whales nose

the whale goes to heavon

ive seen whales washed up on the beach with all these

sucker marks round there bodies

and it wasent until recent years

i found it was caused by these big buggers

dam nature has many surprises


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hi this is the news media


but so far no pics

i have a freind who works in the art dep at tepapa

so ile email her and ask for

a video

sorry i said 56 ft long but it is only 4.6 meters

there were pics out earlier

but tepapa wont release them until they have examined it

for scientific studies

with the american antartic team

for me this is exciting

but as soon as i get a video ile post it




giant squid

Giant squid moved through Wellington

Ross Sea giant squid moved from Te Papa's temporary laboratory in Tory St Wgtn to main museum; on public display on Dec 13

1 December 2008

Te Papa's colossal squid specimen has been moved through the streets of Wellington this morning, in preparation for its public debut.

The 4.2 metre long, 500 kilogram squid was caught by a New Zealand fishing crew in the Ross Sea in Antarctica in February last year and after a delicate operation to defrost it, was examined by scientists in April this year.

The squid and its tank were winched onto a truck early this morning and taken from the national museum's temporary laboratory in Tory St to the main museum on Wellington's waterfront. It goes on public display on December 13.

so on the 13.12.2008

there wil be pics


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  • 3 weeks later...

as i said when i posted the article about the giant squid

i had to go to a news service out side of nz

i got this from the

it isnt the best of photos

but it is an indication

catch ya later


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