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hi team ive just installed windows vista home preimier


my question how do i get rid of the desktop back ground

i would prefer a plain screen

i can find the option in display properties

like other versions

ime not that impressed with it tho it cost me over $100

xp is still a better sys

but sooner or later xp will be gone

i like ubuntu better than this version

i couldnt afford an excutive version

nor the biz version

so i have to make do with what i can afford

so ijme going to need help i know you have forums for vista

but none cover my Q ON DESKTOP BACKGROUND


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Hi Marty, I got Vista Premium about a month ago and surprisingly I like it. :thumbsup:

The "Add/Remove Programs" of previous Windows versions is now "Programs and Features" in Vista. That applet includes "Turn Windows features on or off," which is similar to the previous "Windows components."

Remove Optional and Probably Unnecessary Windows Vista Components

Windows Vista - Default Programs

Screenshot Tour: Windows Vista Mail

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since i posted last

ive had time to experiment with this


ime getting used to it now

and ile have to persevere with it

io notice they have gone for security in a big way

ive tried to instal

a reg cleaner

5 times ive installed regcleaner

which ive used for ten years

but it shows regcleaner

as an error

and i would need to terminate it

is there any reg cleaner compatable with this version of vista

yes flat iron

i have been so used to xppro

and find

it is hard to change

i wouldnt have minded

the ultumum version

but here in nz it is far way out of my

price range

good luck

and ile be watching the posts for tips



ps [is vista with compatable with thunderbird

tho ime not a fan of



thunderbird is a hell ova lot better then windows mail

contrary to some of you i used used outlook express for years successfully

with out any trouble]

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