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It's pretty cool but doesn't really offer anything other then adding a geek merit badge to your pocket protecter in front of your less tech savvy friends.

LOL. That reminds me, I have to put a new bandaid on my eyeglasses.

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I'm in the dark (ignorant ?), though, why a web search for 'iBook' (for example) only produces (4) hits maximum... same for other searches (or less). Just curious... must be some way to expand results.

EDIT: Found it... need to use the more command for (4) more results... (smacks head) simple enough.

The searches I did try were very productive however... (found an iBook solution for an unreponsive keyboard [turn off all Universal Access Options] and my Grayscale>Color display change [also in Universal Access] for my wife's iBook computer. My cat, Taffy-Doodles likes to take naps on the iBook, especially when left unattended and powered on (wife always leaves clamshell open)... And somehow he (Taffy-Doodles) changed her settings... Bad Taffy-Doodles, bad.

Goosh scores with me.

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