Strange Charter Network Issue

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In Rochester MN people who used Charter Communications for their internet were experiencing problems for about 2 days. I got many calls from clients describing the same symptoms: they could only go to some pages on web sites, but many just did not work. I noticed myself I was having a problem with logging into ebay, and clients also mentioned not being able to log into hotmail or aol mail. So I think the problem may have been with with ssl pages. MY kids could not get into am not sure if that uses ssl). Here is the strange thing. People who were using Vista seemed unaffected by this problem. At home we have XP, Vista, and OSX all running firefox. Vista had no problems with any sites or logins, but our XP and OSX computers did. I also talked to a client who has a three computer network in his house, he also could get to any site using his Vista computer but not with his 2 XP computers.

Obviously Charter had a problem, but what would make Vista immune from it?

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