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I am in the middle of learning RoR. It seams neat if not a little different. so as always I need a goal to help focus my learning effort. I figure a project management tool like basecamp ( maybe OpenBaseCamp or more Ruby like open_Base_Camp.. but in any case. does any one know how to manage a ruby project. I guess I could use subversion or GIT and use zip files for distribution.

if you have ideals please let me know.

I am have these goals in mind

the software must have a

Calender (compatible with icalender is a plus)

way to keep notes between team mates on the same project

way to offer change request tracking

project milestone tracking (with calender support maybe even a project like environment)

check list with notes

at first it does not have to be good looking. its more important that it works. and with RoR use of views it would not be hard for someone to come in and change just the rhtml files to make it look better once the main funtions work.

if you would be interested in helping, even if its your way of learning something new.. just let me know.. I will start by getting a site I can set up some CMS software.

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ok I have a basic task scheduler done, it lets you create task and give notes and percentage completed. it also let's you tag task as closed.

if you would like a copy I can email it to you, I have a new server I built last night, and as soon as I get subversion set up I will give out its address.

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