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I'm using avast antivirus and adware spyware and super anti spyware. I recently was gave a free trend micro security system software by my internet provider, Should I use it and uinstall avast and explorer firewall or keep what I have. I know theres some good and bad about all of them. Thanks for any advice

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the only advantage to having that additional program is that if one of the others doesn't pick up on something, then Trend Micro "might". as long as its free, then go ahead and install it, and i wouldn't recommend uninstalling anything. just of course don't run it the same time as you run another program. that might cause some type of conflict.

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Even if 2 or more antivirus software are installed and not running scans at the same time they can still conflict with each other.

Antivirus software usually need to "wrap" themselves deeply into the OS and one feature that many also install is background monitoring, i.e. they are always scanning some part of the disk(s) as a low priority process. If you get two of them running in the background, you can see that they would conflict with each other the same way if they were performing manual scans simultaneously.

Is there a specific reason that you want to remove Avast? If it has been good at its job in protecting you from viruses and other forms of malware, I see no reason why you should dump it. Of course, if your experience is to the contrary, then by all means try Trend Micro. Otherwise, save the Trend Micro license for a later time; you may find better use for it later.

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