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Vongo Customer Service Not Customer Friendly: reader comment from WarEagleOne

Thought that Vongo was a great idea and would be alot better than Netflix. Downloaded the software after seeing their ad on TV, went to register, got all the way to step 7 of an 8 step process and could not procede any further because it told me my credit card info was not valid, but I find it strange that pending authurization charges appeared on my card statment! For my card not to be "valid" they sure tried hard to get money from my account, 43 times they tried! Which caused my bank's computers to put a hold on my card, thank goodness, because it appeared that Vongo was attempting to clean out my account. I have tried to make contact with Vongo 5 times, 3 of which I had NO response and the 2 times I did hear from them was no good either. Was on the phone with them for over an hour and was told repeatly that there had to be a problem with my card, that their system was working properly, hence the 43 attempted charges and the second contact I was told to login to my account make any necessary changes there, which if I could have created an account in the first place I would not have had these problems! STAY AWAY FROM VONGO!!!!!!!
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I dont download any software from that site, i am hearing about the site first time you guys, and if it is that bad than won't go on the site. Thanks for the warning guys. :thumbsup:

Not only is that site bad, but the site in your signature points to PSP Blender which is illegal and a scam site. This is against our rules so please remove it or we will.

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