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Hi TheTrueDarkOne,

Merry Christmas! :)

It is difficult for our experts to advise you on the best choice as each system has its merits. Perhaps if you let the experts know what type of computing you like to do then they could advise you on which system would best fit your needs. Are you a gamer? Are you into music? Photography? A little background information will help.

Like isteve I'd choose a macbook, they rock. :matrix:

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Do consider Hitest's advice about how you plan on using the computer. I would LOVE to have a Mac as they're so much easier to use, but the kids' school district and now College uses Winders. Now, I know nowadays it's easier to use a Mac in a Windows World, but back when we started buying idiotboxes, it wasn't


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I found in collage that if a program required Windows, but was not directly related to windows, I could successfully protest as the school did not provide windows software (I used fire fox with Linux my entire time in school)

but there is also vmware, boot camp or parallels to run windows apps if you need them.

I like the build of the Mac over the HP any day, and with boot camp you can run XP or Vista on the MAC and boot into OSX when your done..

if you do that use a thumb drive or create a fat32 partition so you can share files between the different OS..

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