My First Play

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In school, (Westminster Senior High School) we are doing a play called "Play On!". It's about a play, and the people in it, and pretty much everything that can go wrong does, and how they try to pull it off. I'm only stage crew, but its really fun! The people are all nice and cool, and the guys even have a special tradition, of which I can't tell you, that we do in the dressing room before opening night. Its a really weird tradition. Opening night was last night. It was great. The actors accidentally skipped a few pages, (not sure if all at once, or one page a few times) and our sound guy was really mad, he couldn't find the page. Also one of the actors was sitting on the couch, and the other actor was supposed to run to the couch and fall on it, or something, and when he did (this didn't happen in rehearsal and wasn't planned) the couch slid, hitting a table, and the plant on the table fell off. Well, the plant had metal wiring stuff in it to prop it up, and make it look like spheres, and the metal hit the floor, with the pot in the air, and the plant bounced back up in the air, then the pot came back down and cracked. It wasn't supposed to happen, but it looked great, in my opinion. We have another show tonight and tomorrow night. Can't think of anything else to say, so bye!


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