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:wacko: OK, I am going crazy here. Everytime i try to use my floppy disk drive i get this message: A:\ is not accessible

No ID address mark was found on the floppy disk. This seems to be a frequent problem for quite a few people. I have viewed several pages on this and none of the solutions that others have recieved seem to help me at all. These are brand new packs of disks. I first tried them on my computer, then I tried them on a friend's computer. Both times i have gotten this error. Whenever i try to reformat the disk i get this error:

Windows was unable to complete the format.

Once again, this is on both computers that I have gotten this message.

Can someone PLEASE HELP ME?

:blink: Confused One :unsure:

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Have you tried a formatted disk in those drives to confirm they are working? Are the cables tight on the drives and do they show up in BIOS as the correct format, 1.44MB?

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