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IM having trouble finding a good photo gallery that will fit my needs. The gallery will be for the website in my sig. The gallery needs to be embedded in my site (so no free standing solutions), and have user comments. The photo will be hosted on my host. Any suggestions?

Inexpensive solutions preferable, but please post anything.,..

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I am not sure what Operating System you are on, but what I am about to say is only for Mac.

Galerie is a very easy-to-use piece of software, it creates photos albums for your website, and then allows you to upload all the files, this also supports comments :) .

How the software works? Well you pick all your images and then pick a layout, you can download different ones from the internet, and then you configure some settings and click generate! This will generate loads of different files and then you simple upload them to your ftp :)

Hope that helps mate,


P.S. If you know CSS and HTML then check out HoverBox, I am currently using that for my friend, if you need any help configuring it, then I will happily help you, but sadly this does not support Comments. :)

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