I'm So Sad...........

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My "son" Figaro adopted me 10 years ago.

I was living in an apartment complex in another part of the city. One day I drove into the parking lot and he and a bunch of other cats were frolicking around in the parking lot, hiding under cars. I went out later with a can of tuna fish, and......well lets just say that we were the best of friends for the next 10 years.

We moved together twice after that and for the past 5 years have been living in a house that he's been able to go outside because it is fenced off.

"Figgy" has always been a big boy. He loved to eat. Up until three months ago he weighed almost 20 pounds.

So when he started to lose body weight at a rapid rate I got very concerned. Within 3 months he lost 50% of his weight. And more.

I took him to the vet, got the tests, and the diagnosis was that he had lost 80+% of kidney function. The cause? Most likely the tainted foods that the money hungry pet food companies were churning out.

I was able to treat Figaro for the last month by giving him I.V. fluids. The problem with kidney failure is that the animal can never attain satisfied hydration, no matter how much they drink. He was really a good boy about taking the I.V.'s Afterwards I would give him a treat.

Things started to go downhill 4 days ago. He stopped eating and drinking. I tried but could not soothe him. The next day he walked out to a tree that he liked and just sat under it for hours. I tried sitting next to him, but he seemed too sick to notice me.

Figaro finally came into the house and layed down next to the family that night.

I sat up with him all night and took him to the vet in the morning. I held him while the vet administered euthanasia drugs.

I took him home and built him a little kitty kat kasket. Tomorrow morning I'll be placing him in a favorite spot right outside the window where he loved to watch me work on the computer. I already picked out some flowers to plant that I know he'll like.

Sorry to sound like a basket case, but I guess I am.

Joe :(

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I'm very sorry to hear that your friend passed away Joe; I know how traumatic that can be! I also think that you should go out (when you're ready) and find a beautiful kitten that needs a caring home.

Hang in there Joe!

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My deepest sympathies.

I lost my Figaro August 30th, 2005 (it's been that long?) and haven't gotten over losing her yet. Although she was mostly an indoor kitty, we have indoor and outdoor kitties (go figger), she just wandered off the property like she sometimes did, but never came back. We live in the country and the critters or neighbors probably got her (one neighbor purportedly traps kitties for ill). I still pray that maybe, just maybe, she found a better home.

My Taffy-Doodles rarely strays outside the house and scampers back at the slightest ruckus... so I pray he'll be around a good long time. On Monday, February 24th, 2003, Taffy's sister, Squeeky, got run over, but somehow managed to make it home to me and I had to have her euthanized. At 6'4" and 362 lbs. I must have looked pretty pathetic breaking down in the vet's office as she slipped peacefully away.

Yeah, fur-babies are family and stay with one with fond memories long after they've passed.

Again, my deepest sympathies.

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Hi Joe,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how you feel. I lost two males to kidney failure, they were our pals. I took a long time for the wife and me to get over the loss. We now have two little girls. I would suggest you go look at some kitties. They may pick you. you will deffinately know when you find them.

Take care,


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I'm sorry to hear about your friend!

Animal or human a friend is a friend and if you ask me the best of friends are the ones that are always there for you and would only try to help and comfort you to the best of their knowledge. If you ask me the only luck I have had with friends are the fury ones...

I feel sorry for you, I know it hurts and times heals. Get another best friend, not to replace Figaro but to help mend a hurt heart.

Animals are the best and they will help you get over a lot of things in life just by being their for you to pet or play with.

Take Care and best wishes


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Man, I sorry to hear about the loss of your loved bundle of fur Joe.

Hope your doing OK. As a pet lover myself, I know how hard it is to let such a good friend go. Hang in there.

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I know how you all feel...I too am a big time softie when it comes to animals, and Bobby...don't fret being 6'2" and breaking down when you've lost a beloved pet. I'm 6'2" of blubbering jello when I lose a furry family member, and even when my sister's lose one of theirs. (we're all big animal lovers in my family)

I have a male cat, Midnight right now who's also been diagnosed a diabetic. He's 12 now and for the last week he hasn't eaten hardly anything. Then a couple days ago I noticed his breath is highly "Acetone" which is a sign of uncontrolled diabetes. Stupid me was a bit lax recently on keeping up with his shots and I'm praying that his kidneys are not damaged because of my stoopidity.

I know I'd be devastated if he goes..he's been my constant companion for 12 years. I live in an apartment building so all he has is a balcony to go out on. He used to be an outdoor cat so this must've been hard for him but you'd never know it. Two years ago I moved into another apartment down the hall and this one has a window that open out to the roof (flat) so now he patrols the rooftop!! He loves this, it's big, and the manager likes it to as he scares off all the pidgeons now..;).

He poops out there but the manager doesn't mind as long as he chases pidgeons, so he has a job recently...except he tried to drag one into the apartment the other week. All I heard was a horrendous flapping of wings...a big cloud of feathers...and the pidgeon came loose as he jumped back into the apartment, and took off in a hurry!! My kitty has no teeth left so he couldn't hold it well enough...LOL!!

He does bring in the occassional Bat tho..I like Bats, so I let them go.

Anyway, enough about my buddy. Go get yourself a new baby from the animal shelter and save a poor little life!!! I'm sure they'll have a very happy life with you, you big softie!! ;)

My Condolences in your loss Joe.

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Thank you all for your kind words. They mean a lot!

It's been a hard week. Getting better though.

I created a FlickR account and posted two pics of Figaro.

I hope it works, first time I used it.

I found a new kitty on Craigslist on Saturday. Looks like Figaro's twin.

His name is Maximus, or Max.

I brought him home and so far, so good, except that he attached the dog and kept me up crying for the first two nights.

He's a big four year old. 13 pounds.

I was going to get a kitten, but saw him and fell in love. I guess the psychiatrists would say that I was trying to immediately heal the pain. Probably true.

I also thought that maybe a kitten would be a little too much to handle. At least the shredding the furniture and litter box training days are behind Max.

He's really being good. Getting along with the dog better too, although I think he thinks she's a movable lunch. We have to watch the two of them when they get too close.

The problem is with his former brain dead owner.

She told me that he had regular vet checkups, all his shots were up to date, feline leukemia tested negative, etc.

Well I called her vet on Monday to see if she released the records to me as promised.

They said they never saw the cat.

I emailed her back and asked what the problem was. She replied that "Oh yeah.....After you left I remembered that I gave you the wrong vet name". (This after I wrote down all the info while I was at her condo and questioned her at length about Max's health and medical history.)

She promised to mail me out the correct records immediately. Haven't received anything yet and she was packing to move out of state when I was there last Saturday.

So it looks like I'll have to assume that Max doesn't have any shots and start all over. He is neutered though. At least that much was true.

I'll take some pics and post them soon.

Thanks for all your support.


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Good to hear you have a new "Good Buddy" Joe.

I'm glad everything is starting to look up for you my friend. Post a couple of pics. so we can see the new kid in your life.

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Welcome, Max!!! Congrats, Joe! I am so happy that you're giving another kitty such a great home!!

Yup, Joe, I know exactly about the Vet thing--we were "surprised" when we called the Vet and discovered Sandydog was two years behind on all her shots and had never been tested for Heartworm! But hey, at least Max is neutered and settling in! I've always been an advocate of adopting adult critters--its just SO much easier! And the adults have a tougher time finding homes "because they aren't 'cute and tiny'". Ha! They're pottytrained and done with the chewing/shredding/kitty-puppy stuff and you don't have to guess their adult personalities...and they "come with 'sit'"

When we first got Sandy, everyone asked me how it was having a four year old dog--I replied,

"exactly like having a four year old kid!"

So your comment, "He's a big four year old." made me laugh! Oh, and Sandy's almost 12 years old, but still a four year old kid on the inside......


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Congrats Joe and welcome Max.

Don't worry too much about his shots. If he's an inside cat and has had his first round he'll do just fine. (and if he's been neutered, he most likely has) Just luv'em up and give him a great home like your dearly departed had.

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sorry to hear about your loss and congrats on the new cat but just don't have expectations that your new cat although he looks alike will act just like figgy did

We have a family cat, it was my brothers cat but he moved out , he is a 15 year old black cat

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