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Im thinkin on starting up a website. Half of it will be devoted to user reviews of scuba diving equipment. Sorta like, but just for diving stuff. Their seems to be an unfullfilled niche in cyberspace for this. I have it planned out except for for key thing, how do I go about setting up the review system? Id like it to be automated, so users can write a product review and have it show up instantly on teh site. Ive looked at a couple services that can do this, but all so expensive. Ill be making nothing from this site so Id like to do it freely. Any ideas?

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Hey Bubba Bob

I have something that might help you,

Drupal, this is a very good, hmmm not sure what to call it really, but its highly configurable and customizable.

It allows users to make accounts, leave comments, upload things etc etc! Also you can have different user groups, like most forums have, so you can have Moderators and/or admins (the list could go on forever :) )

Hope that helps dude!


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