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I want to make a small application that takes "screen shots" of open windows of other applications. Then I'll do some image analysis to get the data I'm interested in. I know of the "prnt screen" key on the keyboard and think there must be a way to implement the use of that in an application and to get access to the Windows Clipboard as well.

Hope You can help me with some hints at least. What classes, API's etc. I should look after, because at this point, I'm pretty much lost. Preferebly in C/C++. Maybe You have som alternative ideas how to get information from other open windows/applications.

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FastStone Capture 5.3 (last freeware version) and works great.

ScreenHunter Free


WorldStart Message Boards - Print Screen Tutorial


Gadwin PrintScreen - Screen capture software


MWSnap - Screen Capture Utility


PrintKey http://www.webtree.ca/newlife/printkey_info.htm

Screenshot Captor


Free Screen-Capture Utility. Capture windows, toolbars, menus, panels,

contents of Scrolling windows, and other Windows Objects. Also, Red Box

Capture - capture what you select with your cursor. Includes object

editing tools for adding arrows and captions and objects.

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thanks flatiron and rasmusskovmand

for allowing me to post in the thread

and to follow the links


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here is clipboard information

for C# System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard.GetImage() should work

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