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I know the people over at DL.TV are really into HDTV. They have a forum up and running now. Their podcast are excellent, too. I know you'll want to pay attention to the type of cables you buy. I'm also betting you'll want a tv tuner card wit DVI-1 (or 2?) out


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No, you don't need to have a TV Tuner card unless you want to run a TV signal thru your computer to the TV, which is not necessary.

All you need is the graphics output to have either S-Video and an RCA jack audio outputs, or use VGA to Analog TV adapter.

There are multiple ways this can be done and it all depends on what inputs your TV has and what Outputs your computer graphics has.

S-Video cannot support a true HD signal.

New TV's can usually support VGA and/or DVI inputs now, and also HDMI which is the new standard, but you're computer outputs are going to limit you here to what it supports. You can also use standard RCA Composite connections, which most fairly newer computers usually have (maybe), or even Component Video connectors.

As you can see you have choices as to how to hook this up and it all depends on what your computer has, and what your new TV will support. Like I said tho, most new TV's will support most if not all of these connectors, so it's basically your computer. And don't forget...there are allot of different Adapters and Converters on the market as look around and ask at the store.

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I would look for a tv that has dvi or vga inputs(I think the one you mentioned does). That will make it easy as plugging in the monitor. Both of those connections will give you high-def.

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All you'll need is a standard VGA cable. I picked one up at my local mom and pop computer shop for $8 so I could hook up my laptop to the university's projector and "cheat" a little on my presentations.

The TV already has the VGA input on the back.

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