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New "Start Search" Feature

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The New "Start Search" Feature in Vista Start Menu

Hi Everyone!

I'm sure many of you new Vista Users have seen the new Start Search box in the Start Menu, and like most you don't really know just how Powerful this new litte feature can be. You've probably also noticed that the "Run" box has been removed from the Start Menu by default in Vista, and the reason for that is the Start Search Feature. This handy little box can take the place of the Run box, and MUCH more!

As you use Vista, it learns. It learns what Programs you use most often, or which Documents you open allot, and it remembers these things. The more you use Vista, the more it learns and the more Powerful the Start Search Feature becomes because they are linked. Try it..Click on the Start Orb and the cursor is defaulted into this Start Search box, now just type the first letter of any program you use often. Chances are that it will be the first item in the search results and will be highlighted for you, all you need do is hit Enter to run it.

This works for ANYTHING on your Computer. Documents, Programs, Pictures, Music, just start typing the name and the search feature will start populating it's list. More often than not, the item you're looking for will pop up after you type the very first letter and will be ready to go! And the more you use the feature, the more it learns and the more Accurate it becomes! After just a few short days, you can type in the first letter of commonly used programs or items, and confidently hit ENTER, knowing that the first item highlighted was what you were looking for, it's Very Handy and Fast!

It also will start all the applets you used to use the "Run" box for, so this is why it's not there by default in Vista's Star Menu anymore, basically, it's not needed there anymore. Type "cmd" into the Start Search and cmd.exe will be there, type "regedit" and the regedit.exe will be there, "msconfig", "msinfo32"..etc, they're all there.

So start using this handy Start Search feature, and watch just how quickly it changes how you use your computer from now on, and how

indispensable this little feature becomes.


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