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New Windows Vista Tips, Tricks & Tweaks Section

Welcome Members & Guests!

Those of us who have purchased any one of the various available permutations of Microsoft's new Vista Operating System, will know just how different it is from anything ever made by Microsoft before. And it's not just the visual changes either. There are many important folder and file location changes inside of Vista, and along with the fundamental operational differences Vista has from previous operating systems, all this can make the "Learning Curve" for Vista a fairly long one.

For many people it can take a month and more before they really start getting the hang of things inside of Vista, and depending on how confident and inquisitive one is, it can take quite some time to delve into all the new crevices of Vista. For many people still, there may be areas of the new OS that will never be found or understood without someone pointing it out for you.

And that's where our new section comes in, Windows Vista Tips, Tricks & Tweaks.

In Windows Vista Tips, Tricks & Tweaks, we'll try and point out some of the nuances of the new Vista Operating System. We'll show you some of the smaller, but very significant new changes to Vista, as well as the bigger changes that has everyone talking. Plus, some of the helpful things we were used to having in XP just aren't in Vista anymore. We'll point these out to you and try to explain why Microsoft left them out of Vista, and wherever possible we'll give you alternatives, workarounds or links to Third Party tools to regain the missing funcionality. We'll have tips on everything from Customizing your new OS to suit your style, to making some deeper changes for Functionality, Security or Peripheral Device Support.

And for those who have yet to make the switch to Vista, this section will make your transition much simpler when the time comes.

We know that you'll find in here, exactly what it is you need to make your system reflect your own personal style, or find that elusive hidden setting that you've spent the last week looking for...;)

Everything you need to know about your new Vista OS, can easily be found right here in one location!

From the Administration & Staff of, Thank You & Enjoy!

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