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I'm in need of restoring a file that is of extreme value to me. The file system is NTFS, OS Windows XP. There is a large array of recovery tools but which one is the most reliable and give most high success rate?

First of all how was the file lost? What size is it, and what type of file?

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The most important thing to do is to quit using that computer until the decision is made on how to repair it. The more you use the computer it will possibly overwrite over what you need


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I have used both "recovermyfiles" and "easeus data recovery", the both offer a tryit free versions that will let you see if it will recover the files before you buy it. They seemed very similar. As pointed out, you may want to quit using that hardrive and run the program from another windows install.

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there is a chance it is still on your sys

if you remember the name go to start search all files and folders

and type the name in the search box

that search function has to be configured

to include all options

and you need to set the search through my compt

to get all the files

on your compt

if it is stil there

right click it and press restore

it may help but as some one says it may be over written

ive recovered many files this way good luck

and i hope you are successfull


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How was the file lost?

Did you delete it through My Computer/Explorer?

Did you delete it from inside an application?

Did it mysteriously/suddenly disappear?

Do you have a backup that may have the file?

Have you been using the system much/a lot since this file disappeared?

What were you doing just before it vanished?

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if you have a legal disk you could try

insert disk

go to run -in the run box -type cmd

at the prompt

type sfc/scannow

press enter

dont touch the compt while it is scanning

some times the scan will stop and ask to insert your cd

just press retry

and it may do this through out the scan

but just press retry

it can be done with out the

cd but you have to change the settings in the registry

try the scan from the cd first


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