Confessions Of A Car Salesman

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What really goes on in the back rooms of car dealerships across America?

What does the car salesman do when he leaves you sitting in a sales office and goes to talk with his boss?

What are the tricks salespeople use to increase their profit and how can consumers protect themselves from overpaying?

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Share on other sites's late here and I only made it through page 4, but so far this sounds so much like my job at the Flooring Store! Which I got "suspended" for twice and eventually quit because I refused to lie to my customers....(Boss couldn't rightfully fire me because my "honest-tactic"-salesfigures were too good, he wanted to!!! )

The upside is that my customers followed me to my next job at the Furniture Store because I was up front with them!! :thumbsup:

I'll read the rest tomorrow, but right now, the hair on the back of my neck is standing on end! Ewww *shivers*, bringing back some very bad memories!

This is looking like an eye-opener, Sultan, thanks for sharing it!

Advice to folks--don't work commission. Yes, you'll make great money, but it isn't worth it if you want to sleep at night!


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I learned a lot of that from experience ... <_<

I got 'em back one time though. I had done my homework on a truck I wanted, gave the guy the list of what I wanted (to order from the factory) and when he quoted a price I got up to leave and said, "I told my wife I wouldn't go over ten thousand, I'll have to check with her first." I lied. I'm not married. He practically dragged me back, refigured the price to, gee, exactly match what I had already decided was a fair price. Imagine that.

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