Wierd Randome Encounter With Another Person In Online Game

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i play a game called "world of warcraft" and 1 of the things that you can do with you characters that you make when your not killing things or fighting other people and stuff, is that you can roleplay with other peoples characters. so i finally decided to make a character that's alot like me, at least personality wise. i made a gnome warlock that specializes as an engineer. i made him mostly just for roleplaying, i even named him macmarauder. anyways i was running around in 1 of the main cities and then some random guy named OutbackJack sends me a message that my name isn't a good roleplaying and that i should change it, in an insulting way. so i proceeded to inform him, rudely how original and great his name was, especially since it's against the rules for names in the game. we argued for a little bit, my GF was also online and she then argued with him and reported him to a GM (thier version of a moderator) and then before the GM can do anything he deletes his character. wierd huh? i was not expecting that.

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im no gamer either

are they the rules of the gaming board

yes i agree about g4 and the young posters

i do have problems

trying to understand the way the board had gone

it is a long way from techtv

i went there coupla weeks ago

and asked how do changed my sig

as they have a limit on size

and i got into a flaming war

not with me but a coupla

othere posters

had different ideas

i was saved by one of the


who explained how to changed the thing

iwas a bit brassed off


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People mess with me about my CS:S name all the time while I play (It is Honda Boy of course). I get some half wit that's about as sharp as a marble start dissing Hondas and calling them wussy cars with no power. I just tell him that's cheap, reliable, and unlike 75% of the mental midgets playing the game, I actually own a car. So what my car has no power, at least it smoke this guys moped any day. Even then my power to weight ratio actually equals a swift little booger. I can actually beat a Stock Mustang GT on a 1/4 Mile strip. Yes it only has 170HP (versus this dudes 10HP) but take into account it's in a 2200lb car.

Also normally I give them that crap about actually owning a car and then just tell them I don't care about their opinion and give them an e-quarter to call someone who does. Usually they shut up after that. Then I blast the living crap out of them cause despite not playing in a while, I'm still not half bad. I actually pissed a few people off cause I was apparently too good. Not bragging, just saying they were mad cause I picked them off a few times.

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yeah this all reminds me of when i first went on G4s forum. no matter what their age, it felt like i trapped in a room of perpetual 2 year olds. but just like other online massive multi player games like this, it's really fun when you finally find a group of people that are mature. and unfortunately no matter what online game you play it's all the same. Trolls are everywhere :(

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