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I am so ticked, can someone please help?

I own an HP Pavilion dv4000 laptop. I think the memory went bad b/c I kept getting BSOD's for memory parity errors, and then memory dumps. The computer finally crashed.

I then tried to repair using the recovery CDs, and it wouldn't work, so I tried to completely reinstall Windows from the recovery cds, and I kept getting memory dump BSOD's and also it would tell me on every driver (.dll) file that it could not copy and asked me to skip. I assumed it was a memory error.

I went onto and ordered corsair memory. It will not fit! It's the same chip board (the little number on the green memory chip board is 199). The only difference is as follows:

Original Memory Stick:

2 Memory Sticks

256 mb each

PC2-4200s-444 DIMM

New Memory:

2 Corsair Sticks

512 Mb each

200 pin DDR


They are identical in size, but they just won't slide in the same as the original? Is this a proprietary thing with HP or did I order the wrong memory? I'm so confused, I even looked up what type of memory was in my laptop, and I thought I ordered a matching set.

Please help! I need my laptop!

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Their is both 200 pin ddr and 200 pin ddr2. They are notched differently.

edit added later//

I just compared ddr to ddr2 memory. The notch is maybe just a 32th of an inch different.

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Original Memory Stick:

2 Memory Sticks

256 mb each

PC2-4200s-444 DIMM

I realize that more likely the corsair memory selector is correct, but I am having my doubts. I am probably going to put my foot in my mouth, but here goes. Isn't the original memory as quoted above ddr2 style? I also thought that pentium-m computers used ddr2. ddr 333 (pc2700) may not be the correct memory needed.

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If it helps, I looked at the old memory's information (which it didn't say DDR1 or 2, so I saw an HP replacement parts sticker that says "Replace with HP Spare 403896-001 and underneath had another # 9i05A1).

I went to the HP Parts Store website and typed in 403896-001 and it came up with this:

256 MB, 533-MHz, 200 pin Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module (SODIMM) Double Data Rate (DDR533) SDRAM Memory Module.

And then it said Part is not orderable in the HP Parts Store.

I did a search by my model number and it pulled up 3 different memory options:

the same one I listed above, a DDR2 memory module that was 512MB, and another DDR2 module that was 1 GB. I guess it depended on how you ordered your laptop. Mine had 2 256 sticks, but I have no idea if it's DDR or doesn't say on the stick or the specs. I'm so confused.

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oK here is further research. The original stick is manufactured by Hynix. I went to Hynix's website and typed in the part # on the stick HYMP532S64P6.

This is what came up:



This Hynix unbuffered Slim Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module(DIMM) series consists of 512Mb 1st ver.

DDR2SDRAMs in Fine Ball Grid Array(FBGA) packages on a 200pin glass-epoxy substrate.

This Hynix 512Mb 1st ver. basedUnbuffered DDR2 SO-DIMM series provide a high performance 8 byte interface in 67.60mm width form factor of industry standard.

It is suitable for easy interchange and addition.


JEDEC standard Double Data Rate2 Synchronous DRAMs (DDR2 SDRAMs) with 1.8V +/- 0.1V Power Supply

All inputs and outputs are compatible with SSTL_1.8 interface

Posted CAS

Programmable CAS Latency 3 ,4 ,5

OCD (Off-Chip Driver Impedance Adjustment) and ODT (On-Die Termination)

Fully differential clock operations (CK & CK)

Programmable Burst Length 4 / 8 with both sequential and interleave mode

Auto refresh and self refresh supported

8192 refresh cycles / 64ms

Serial presence detect with EEPROM

DDR2 SDRAM Package: 60ball(xCool, 84ball(x16) FBGA

67.60 x 30.00 mm form factor

Lead-free Products are RoHS compliant

So I guess I have DDR2 memory? What did I order?! The wrong kind??

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