Traveling Around Europe

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You'll have to describe what you consider to be a good holiday. Exploring little-known spots? Seeing all the popular sites? Exploring wine country? Hiking, climbing, relaxing by the sea?

Rick Steves' videos (maybe check his section on PBS.ORG) is the most knowledgeable traveler I know, and he separates holidays into various categories such as little-known spots, etc.

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Been a couple of times to Italy, although on both occasions I went to Venice. It is a superb city with a lot of history, culture, architecture, superb food and wonderful people. I can't remember which hotel I stayed at though I'm sorry to say.

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Italy?? Lucky you, Martahan!

25 years ago I spent 6 weeks in that beautiful country and just loved it.

Places I went:

Rome (of course!) busy city but St Peter's and the Sistine Chapel were so worth it.

Florence--my favorite place in all the world, check out all the Art Museums

Pisa---interesting but only a one day stop is necessary, I'd probably skip it if I were to do it over

Siena---went there on advice of a friend, again, it's a small town so you'll only need one day there, this one I'd probably skip, too so I could spend more time in Rome and Florence!! :thumbsup:

Venice---almost didn't go there;was headed for Milan but too many folks said Milan is just another Detroit and not worth the trip; and I'm glad I chose Venice instead, really neat place with spectacular sunsets

I stayed in Youth Hostels (in Venice, one was a Convent--that was fun) and travelled from town to town on trains and buses while in the towns. Public Transportation is cheap and abundant. A friend and I DID take a taxi one time, only because neither of us had ever ridden a taxi! :D

As far as restaurants, hopefully you'll luck out and meet some local folk who can direct you to the best "non tourist trap" places to eat, another place to look for restaurants is on the outskirts of the cities. Most of my meals came from the Farmer's Markets--loaf o' bread, chunk of cheese and a couple tomatoes lasted me all day!

One thing that I did which was VERY helpful was to go to the bookstore and get "Tourist Books" for the different cities. They had all the attractions/churches/museums listed so I could get an idea of what I wanted to see while still in the States and I simply crossed each one off as I visited them. AND get yourself an Italian/English Dictionary--a Godsend!

If you have any more questions, just holler, I'll help if I can...remember! :D


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Wow, lucky you to be able to have time and money to go to Europe!!!

I think this site might give you some great Italian travel ideas. Other countries available fact I started with the USA pages awhile back via a link from another site.

Destinations 360 Italy

This armchair travel site has loads of information to whet your appetite for real travel.


God bless everyone

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