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Don't know if anyone can help without specific info on system, but thought I'd ask anyway.

We have a reasonably new 32" stereo TV and a combo DVD/VCR player. I will NEVER understand all they can do, but I'm wondering if there's some kind of "generic" set of instructions (applies to most systems) telling me how to watch a TV program on one channel while recording one on another? It's no big deal, but thought if anyone has some pointers it'd be nice to know a little about it. :lol:

Thanks for any thoughts....

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I was waiting a bit to see if anyone else with more knowledge on the subject chimed in, but I'll give this one a go...

It very much depends how you receive your TV signal. If it's via RF, then it should be a simple case of setting the DVD recorder going on one channel, while turning the TV to another. If your input is via analog cable, this should also be the case, as the signal is decoded by the RF demodulator in the set/recording equipment itself.

Things get a bit messy when it comes to digital. Certainly most satellite systems will only permit the watching of one channel at a time (due to the way the processing of the 'selected' channel works). There are products out there that allow the recording of up to 2 different channels while watching a 3rd (Sky+ in the UK), but these are add-ons to your package. I imagine digital cable is similar to that of satellite as far as post-processing goes, although not being in a cable area I cannot advise further. :)

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You know, you might just have answered my question :) My signal is just a plain ol' antenna (lol). I have a separate remote for the TV and the VCR recorder, but usually just use the VCR remote to change channels. Now, I'm thinking that I could set the VCR on the channel I want to record, then use the TV remote to change to the channel I'm watching. That should leave the VCR on the one I want to record. Yes? (hopefully, I typed that right so it makes Anyway, I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion :thumbsup:

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In theory, that's exactly how it should work.

Although it's a video machine, and, being a bloke, I've never had much luck with the things either. ;) Best of luck to you! If you get no joy, ask your nearest 5 year old.

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To be able to watch one channel and record another you need a device with a dual tuner (or you can use splitters, switches etc).

Now few of the low end recorders have two tuners; and also this would do you little good if you had say digital cable or satellite which require you to use a decoder box which only tunes to one channel at a time.

You would in that case have to see if the provider (cable or satellite) has a TIVO style recorder with built in tuner as an option , with this feature in mind; or you get two cable / satellite tuner boxes one to watch and one to record from.

In the end; it is simplest to record what you watch ( tune in, and hit the record button and when it is over hit stop). Most things will be on again later; so you choose the one least likely to repeat to record.

As for recording when you are gone; well that too requires tuning.

If you can tune the reciever first and leave it on and tuned to the channel , you just need to set the timer on your recorder to record while you are gone .

But remember; although you can make it come on and off multiple times , you can't get it to change the channel on another device.

This is one great feature of the SlingBox. It lets you view and control several devices over the internet. [l=][/l]

You can hook it up and watch what is on your cable from work, while on vacation etc. You can use it to turn on and off various devices (like your VCR or DVD recorder) and control them too.

So you can turn on your cable / satellite box remotely, turn on your recorder, hit record and watch it all over the internet.

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