Opera Web Browesr, Does Anyone Here Use It?

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i used it for some time but

at the time it had to much ads

and unless you bought the pro version

some of the apps werent available

so i changed to slim browser

which ive used for a few years now

ive thought about going back to opera

bit it is to big for what i want

so slimbrowser is just right for me

it is small fast and has tab browsing

and all the ad filters


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Despite having employment ties to Opera about 5 years ago, I still can't get on with actually 'using' it. It's come a long way since version 3, but I still like FireFox, especially since FF2 has come out.

FF linux doesn't seem to have the issues the Windows version was plagued by, so no complaints this end.

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The thing that keeps me going back to FireFox every time is how extensible it is, with a large dedicated team of developers supporting those plugins. My plugin list for FireFox is huge, and helps me accomplish everything I need to do in a browser.

A few from the list:

British English Dictionary








That's just a selection.

A browser is a personal choice, I really don't think you can "go with the flow" and do what the majority of others do; You find what you like and what works for you, and go with it.

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I use it now for the past few days, i love the tabs within it, and the widgets are pretty cool

What browsers are used by u guys, have any of u tried opera?

Yep, Opera is a great, speedy light-weight browser. I also use Fire Fox, Sea Monkey and occasionally IE7 on my daughter's windows box. :D

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