Recommended Posts you must remember I have winme.

I am on dsl running thru a modem and plugged into a phone line I need to fax some things.

is there a free program to do this and can I do this or will I need a fax modem.

maybe I will need to ask my ISP if I can fax thru the modem.

I will do as my president and do the google while I'm waiting for an answer.

thank you.

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I think using broadband only might not be free. I was looking for a way to do this myself, but don't remember finding any free ways of doing that. I am curiously watching this thread to see what others say

Like you said, you could get a 56kmodem/fax for about $10. Then you can just use your scanner and a phone line.

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I did find a fax service with google. you have to deal with a third party and they charge you 12 cents a page. I assume that you email them what you want to fax and they just forward it for you thru their fax machine. or I can buy a fax modem and split from my computer to my phone line. there is free fax software out there and some will let you fax directly from your email. seems like a lot of trouble just to send a fax. google is wondeful ain't it?

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