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Also interesting: The site interferred with my ability to add it to my IE Favorites (there's a "bookmark this page" link, but I never use those). I click the Favorites menu, then, normally, I choose which folder to store the site link in. However, after clicking the Favorites menu the page lost "focus," meaning something was happening, but my favorites folders weren't being displayed, nor was the page accessible any more (it's like it was dead). I had to hit Esc to clear what apparently was an invisible favorites menu. In other words, the site interferred with the ability to display the favorites menu. Must be a script thingy.

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thanks JD

that happened to me

at first i thought it was some thing ide done wrong

then all o f a sudden it came right

before going into the site

i scanned the program

with avast

and spybot

and hi-jack this and they came up clean

spybot and hijack this i have on a bart pe ultimate boot disk

i didnt want to post it unless it was bug free

so ime puzzled as to what happened

im off the the local message board

and find out were it came from

ile post later


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• Requires JavaScript

• There are known compatibility issues with some browsers, like Konqueror or Safari. Please use IE, Opera, Mozilla or Firefox if you see some weird or negative counters (for example ~2 billions in current population, while ~6 billions is correct). Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's no way to fix it at this time.

Likewise I do not use those bookmark this page javascripts.

I have no script running in FF and it blocked that and the swf link.

Mcafee siteadvisor however says it found nothing bad about the site.

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I just presumed it had so much going on visually it "blinds" IE (oh, say, something about using up available resources for that window -- I'm makin' this up, but it's something like that). I never even thought it might be malicious (what would be the point of preventing you from using the Favorites menu?).

Anywho, it does look like it'd be an interesting resource some day.

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