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Found 4 results

  1. Collected the spring collection, from which the warmth bursts. In it unicorns look out from under the venereal shoes, curls of sincere wishes curl up, long mental conversations flow, problems are solved by themselves and the plane takes away towards the sunset. And all this is for you. To give, to read and to blossom! A set with art For those who believe in the power of the handwritten text best essay writing services, can see the universe behind the black square and convey in an elegant curl the warmth of a loving heart. The full harmony of form and content Secret gift Surprise, surprise! Box with anticipation, anticipation, jumping from impatience, a good book and a scattering of nice little things. Will please a friend, a mother, a colleague and a fairy godmother. And she'll do it to please herself. Movie Cocktail A spicy cocktail of 300 films, the theory, history and practice of cinema, seasoned with a sincere love for art and creativity. Mix, shake and drink in a volley. Closer to the body Those who have read this book flourish, are filled with love and begin to shine. Because it is as bright and beautiful as spring itself. All you need is love. Watercolor portraits of flowers Watercolor shades So gentle, as if it were Our senses are revelatory. - wrote by the copywriter Anton after barely looking at this book. Can you imagine how inspiring it is! It literally exudes aromas of toffee and venereal shoes, awakening artistic talent. The diary is like a path to yourself There are 22 ways to keep a diary in this book. 22! Because the diary is not just a written notebook, but a free psychotherapist, an endless journey deep into yourself and the interlocutor with whom you can discuss any topic. Phoebe and the unicorn There was a girl, and then she had a best friend. With a magnificent mane, a magical gift and a charming horn on her forehead. The book is for girls from 5 to 105 years, because each of us still dreams of a personal unicorn. Time travel A fascinating book about time, memory, eternity and the 4th dimension. Giving it is like giving a time machine and an exciting journey through the worlds. It's the right choice. The Book of Problems. There are 200,000 copies sold in the world, because everybody wants hop, and everything is solved. No torture, no dead ends. And it works. The reality is in question What is our life? The game! And we are gamers. Knowing the rules, we can create an alternative - happy - reality for themselves and their family, company, favorite business. Let's play a game! Create a personal brand... You go to the store to buy an apple, and you end up buying a banana. Because a banana has a stronger personal brand. The book will tell you how to create a brand that isn't afraid of bananas.
  2. You have already served in the military. But don't know how to make a good resume after being a serviceman. We share the secrets of writing such documents and offer help of our experienced military resume writers. So if you search help with military resume writing. Welcome to!
  3. 8 Best Ways To Improve Your Essay Writing By Technologies Have you ever thought that your approach to essay writing can be changed with the modern technologies? Today, to write a good essay you do not need to become a prospective writer. Moreover, you do not need months of research to find good materials that will support your ideas. You just need to know how to implement technologies in your writing. The number of the resources helping in writing can hardly be named. Still, we have decided to analyze the most popular of them and interviews students to find out their opinion on what resources are the best ones for writing a cheap essay. After making a research, we’ve made another important step classifying the best tools and strategies into 9 great tips for using technologies in your studying. We bet you like them! Make a research using Internet Never make a mistake of visiting library to find the materials for your research. The matter is that Internet is not only full of a huge number of different sources that will give you all required information but also with the copies and scans of books and original sources. Thus, you will be able to find everything that you need using your browser and ctrl+F option. Besides, you can find the original sources used in other countries. This will help you to enhance your research making it full with materials and reliable facts. Check basic information with ease Sometimes, you need to use some well-known facts in your essay but you are not sure about the dates or the names, you must check this information. Without technologies, it is rather time-consuming as you need to go to the library and to find someone who will tell you truthful information. Now, you do not even need to turn on your computer. You may just check the information with your phone using even 3G internet and Wikipedia. Organize your ideas Starting to write an essay you have thousands of ideas that you want to use in the essay. Sometimes, it can be difficult to organize them in such a way so all the ideas fit naturally the text and support the main message of your essay. There is a variety of applications like mind maps that will help you organize everything and create the structure of your future essay. These apps will be rather unexpected decision for those who’ve got used of keeping everything in mind, but over time you will notice that it is far easier to organize your essay if you have all the ideas in front of view. Generating ideas Still, not all the students are good with generating ideas. Most of the need something to push them, and today they can use the technologies for that. For example, they can make use of special applications that are intended to wake up your creativity or you may even go further finding the inspiration in the essays of other students who publish them online. You may use technologies for idea generating in any way that works for you, starting from reading books online and up to communicating with foreign students who can share their experience with you. Keep backups Have you even been in the situation when you have already written a half of your essay but you’ve lost it because of some problems with the hardware? Or maybe you’ve been in the situation when you have a couple of free hours in the train but your essay is kept in your laptop at home and you have no access to it? Using any of the cloud services you get a full access to the files no matter where you are now. Besides, if you keep your files in clouds additionally to the hard drive, there are almost no chances that you will lose it. Share it with other students or professors There is no need to print the essay and send it by conventional mail. You can just use email to send the draft of your writing to the professor who is currently in the other side of the world and he will get your letter immediately. Thus, you can expect for the faster communication and the possibility to get the feedbacks to fix the mistakes. Check for plagiarism Today, every single student may check his or her writing for plagiarism using the same tools as professors do. It means that you will understand whether your essays fits the requirements before you submit it to the professor and if there are some problems, you can just fix them. Edit and proofread Modern technologies are perfect for those who want to polish their writing. Using special application or ordering online services, you can get A-grade essay easily as it will be checked for the grammar and spelling mistakes and additionally, the coherence of your essay will be revised. If you want to save money, you may use free spellcheckers that will find the basic mistakes in your essay and suggest the variants of fixing them. If you are ready to pay some money, you will get more professional service and better result. Use the thesaurus Do you think that the language of your essay is too poor? No worries. Make use of the online thesauruses that will help you enrich your vocabulary suggesting the ideas for the words and word combinations that you want to change or to find more precise words to express the same thought. You can even install thesaurus to your phone and use it with no internet connection. Technologies are great, there’s no doubt in that. They not only simplify our lives but also make them better helping to get the desired result in every single aspect of our lives including the studying at the college or university and writing essays. So let the technologies into your life and enjoy the benefits! We hope that our 9 tips for using technologies in writing will assist you in creating every single essay!
  4. Whether you are a college student with plenty of writing assignments, content creator, or a writer you surely had and currently have struggles with writing speed. Being fast and productive at writing is not given, yet, it is something you can achieve, becoming a writing machine and being capable of maintaining several blogs and articles at the time, both at a faster and better rate. With several tips and tricks, all of which you can find in this article, something so complicated and unachievable can become part of your routine writing life. The secret to writing anything quickly is about to become not a secret, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare to set fire to your keyboard, cause we are about to exceed the writing speed on this road! As easy as it sounds, most writers ignore the basic rule of being a productive worker, which is setting an outline of the text before actually writing it. Yes, it might sound boring, and a true artist does not like to plan the art process, but it is just simply easier to write the whole text from the start to the bottom when you actually know where to start and where to finish. One of the reasons why writing might take so much time for you is that you just don’t know what to write, and making a short narration of the text might be a great helper at that. Break it into small pieces - the introductions, body paragraphs, and their main points, and conclusion, then stick to this outline in order to finish an article or an assignment faster than ever. It also saves a lot of time if you find most of the references for the paper (if needed) before, therefore not distracting yourself and not spending your time on the research while being in the working heat. Add those references beforehand in the outline to have a better idea of what are you writing about. Find your perfect time to write, and milk it as much as you can. People are different, they truly are. Some find themselves being most productive right after waking up in the morning, some at night, and some only 3 hours before the deadline. The last one is a joke, don’t be like that, but on the serious note, if you have been working with texts long enough, you probably know by now what is your time of the day. If not, experiment a little and write at different times of the day to find the perfect one, and then stick to it as much as you can. Famous Japanese author Haruki Murakami finds keeping it scheduled very important for his work, as he wakes up around 4 a.m. and works for 6 hours everyday, in order to finish faster and be productive all the time. Ernest Hemingway also found morning the best time to write, as no one distracted him during this time. The easier way of combining both of the most and the least productive times is writing the raw and unedited piece at the highest peak of your writing hour, and proofreading and editing the text while not being creatively productive and fast. Most of the people write faster while feeling inspired, and choosing to work on the text at the time of day when you feel high on creativity is a way to go. Turn your phone off. Just don’t waste your time on it. Throw it away, if needed. When working on the text, one important thing that keeps you low on productivity is a distracting phone and other kinds of procrastination. Nothing important will happen in the world while you’re trying to finish your 500-words assignment, there is no need to have a phone around. Try to put it as far as possible and concentrate on the paper in order to finish it faster and get back to the online world. Some people like to listen to the music while writing, but, truth to be told, it also can be too distracting, so it is better to listen to your favorite Britney Spears album after the paper is finished. Generally, anything that could distract you from the paper needs to leave your working space, not only phone, but also games, food, and other people. Alternate your work with short breaks, but do not waste breaks on useless activities like scrolling Facebook feed or watching videos. Yes, for most people this is what normal activities for resting are, yet, by choosing to waste your 10 or 15 minutes online you only distract yourself from work that needs to be continued, and you could possibly lose motivation to finish the paper. When you go online time as a concept tends to loosen up, as you enter an alternative time zone and one hour on YouTube usually feels like 5 minutes. We are not talking about rough physics of modern age though, our main focus is your productivity, and choosing healthy activities for your break. First, set the alarm, to know when exactly your break is finished. Great ways to rest a little include doing some simple exercises, walking around your office or room, having a healthy snack like nuts or fruits, and talking to other people. The best option is definitely exercising, as hard it sounds, but most people who write a lot also lack a lot of physical activity. There is no need to do something difficult, just do some push-ups, squats, or stretch your muscles. Get those bones cracking for a good one, and get back to writing, now feeling refreshed and ready to finish the paper fast and firm. Set your own deadline, and stick to it as much as you can. Most writing projects have their own deadlines, set by professors, clients, or your boss, but it is great to be the owner of your own life and set them yourself. Obviously, your deadline should finish before an official one. Having a strict deadline makes anyone, even the laziest author, be more productive and fast. You can also set your own rules about the deadline, as well as bonuses for those times when you are finished before the time is up. These are the main points that could help you while writing, though it is important to remember that working on texts is not a vacation, and only your own hard work and effort can make the texts written fast and great. Make an outline, don’t get distracted, let yourself rest a little, and keep it fast and productive. Now, when you learned the secret to writing anything quickly, it can become easier to use your own powers to make every assignment, essay, text post, or article the best out of the best.