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  1. Happy Birthday, TT_75! I hope you have a great day, man!
  2. Here is a brief how to on using Qemu. It describes how to install an OpenBSD VM onto a Linux host. The instructions will also work for installing other operating system VMs onto a Linux host. Qemu Tutorial
  3. Hi marty, Yes. Once you have downloaded the ISO file to your computer you will need to burn it onto a CD. The 12.4 image will fit onto a standard CD-R. You will need to have burning software like Nero for Windows or K3B if you're running Linux.
  4. The ISO should fit on a CD. The burned CD will boot from your CD drive or your DVD drive which ever is set as bootable.
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    back on line

    Hi marty, Good to see you again! I'm happy that you're feeling better.
  6. Hey Pete_C very sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope that it heals quickly! We had beef stew this evening (green peppers, potatoes, celery, tomatoes added. Wonderful:)
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    OH NO

    I am pretty happy with XP.
  8. A very Happy Easter to everyone! My daughter finished her egg hunt this am and enjoyed it immensely. Sipping black coffee at the moment. Breakfast to ensue shortly.
  9. Perhaps it is time to upgrade to 6.0? Check out the release notes prior to upgrading however. Back-up your stuff. Release notes
  10. I'm having some black coffee at the moment. I'll be having some toast and fruit for breakfast soon.
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    Oh man, I hope you're feeling better soon, marty! Take it slow.
  12. I really like the TV ads shanenin, they are very nice indeed! Congratulations, man!
  13. I hope that you all have an enjoyable celebration. Happy New Year! Just watch out for grumpy Mayans tomorrow.
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    OH NO

    That's awesome! How do you like 7? One of my PCs still has an XP Pro partition. My 8 year old enjoys her Windows games. Merry Christmas.
  15. I salute the men and women of the US military. The last US troops rolled across the Kuwait border today. Iraq war over
  16. Yeah.....it is simply amazing that people fall for this nonsense. There is no cure for stupid.
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    Hi martymas! Season's greetings to you and your family. Long time, no see!
  18. If you're into Linux this is a pretty cool timeline. GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline
  19. Enjoying a nice cup of hot black coffee at the moment.. Breakfast soon: a bowl of porridge and toast. We had light snow over the weekend; yesterday was my first day shoveling the driveway.
  20. Smart! I hope the industry returns to normal asap..
  21. Gaddafi captured. Gaddafi captured