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  1. Hi. I opened my laptop today....the compartment underneath. I already cloned my ssd. But it has two hdd's. one is l for left and the other r for right. One is C and the other is D (which I think is the recovery disk). Which drive do I remove to install ssd?? Thx.
  2. Hello. I just bought an ASUS g750jx-tb71 gaming laptop. It's AWESOME! I was reading on the ASUS ROG forums that I should install an SSD in my laptop and use the HDD just as a storage. I called ASUS to make sure this could be done and the tech guy said yes. Now how would I go about this? Installation process? Maybe a website with instructions? Youtube? thx. what ya'll think of this one? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/PNY+-+XLR8+120GB+Internal+Serial+ATA+III+Solid+State+Drive+for+Laptops/1305163179.p?id=mp1305163179&skuId=1305163179