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  1. No its not a "ad spam site" (whatever that even is, Donno how you can get spamed with ads these days) it does serve you ads (Or atleast its suppose to, There client seems to be broken cause no ad's) but it pays you to get the ads, and where the ad's appear is extremely small, So far seems to be working well for me.

    If you read the about page theres a lot more info. Just thought some people would like to know about it ^^, a friend told me about it and he has been using it for a few months.

  2. Has anyone heard about this *Removed site?

    If not *Removed Seems pretty legit, if your interested the link above takes you to the sign up

    *The site is questionable and the link to it was removed by me until it can be confirmed not to be a scam. -TheTerrorist_75-


    Scroll down,

    The most popular Audio Book? Doctor who

    Most popular Comic book? The hulk

    Most popular Book? Unlocking The Secrets of The G Spot


    - Unlocking the Secrets of the G-Spot - 5 part series


    - Example of Tickling the G-Spot

    - G-Spot Part 2 - How to Locate it

    Geeks aren't ashamed of much.

  4. Anyone here use or have used WAMP in the past?

    If so does it lump the access.conf, and srm.conf files into httpd.conf on install?

    I ask because

    AccessConfig /dev/null


    ResourceConfig /dev/null

    are not in the httpd.conf file yet i can't find the access.conf and srm.conf files.

  5. If you like a good commuity you should try Ryzom, its a fantastic game with better players, Coming from WoW you know how stupid people on the internet can be, you don't have those types of people in Ryzom, thats really the only MMO out there that i like atm, and iv played just about all of them.