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  1. Done all that Let me explain I view a webpage I'm going to save it. I go file - "Save as" - open the documents file that has various sub folders with various different headings I've tried saving as web page comlete and as htm only. The pages save ok where they r supposed to but next time the wife uses or goes looking for pictures/photos in the windows photo gallery there are all these random images from web sites all through them, in seemingly random scaterings. . . .any ideas how to sop it happening.
  2. I view a web page - i decide to save it to my documents folders. . .trouble is every picture on the saved page ends up in the main Pictures folder and is causing arguments in the family. . . Is this some sort of DMR type thing? sorta spreading things around the computer making things harder to "pirate " perhaps?? Is there some around this short of saving all my down loaded pages to a pen drive / flash drive