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  1. I had been running pconpoint on my pc. I no longer have the code to enter in to my pc. I am running XP and would like to install a similar free product ......any suggestions?
  2. I'll answer myself........Yes.....I got my files back this way.
  3. Hi, My windows xp will not boot on my dell B120. If I have Ubuntu Linux cd can I boot up my pc with it? Can I boot it up without installing the program ( Ubuntu Linux )? If so will my original documents and programs still be there either way after it boots up? Basically I am trying to access my documents and programs but my pc will not boot up.
  4. Yes, I tried in safe and other modes. I did a diagnostic test and it passed. I have a freind that is going to extract the files off the hard drive and reload windows xp ( 2006 pc ) . I wish there was a better way because I have quickens files for my business on there and quickens is hard to recapture back into the program that I will have to re-install. On the password or administration code on the restore and repair disk , I think dell put that code on it but they say they didn't. There is an option on that disk to repair the operating system that I wanted to try but I cant get passed t
  5. Dell wont boot Hi new here and thanks in advance, ok i think i picked up a virus and did an abrupt shut down last time on, a virus checking thing came on the screen I never seen before and I just shut it it wont re-boot. just a dark blank screen after a 2 sec. dell screen appears. I have tried to recover using the system recover disk and booting it straight from the recover disk under recover option but it asks me for a administration code or password. I have no idea the code . I went in security and entered a new code and have tried that new code and it says not the right code.