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  1. I'm currently on my work computer. Will check out the links when I get home. Thanks for the info and will let you know if I can resolve this problem. Rick
  2. Thanks for the reply Terrorist. I have tried to remove in Safe Mode with same results. I do not have the Toolbar running. Rick
  3. Good morning everyone. Been a long time reader of this forum. I am having a problem trying to uninstall Office 2003 Pro. I attempted to update using the Office Update site. The updates would download, but failed to install. This has happened before and the fix was to uninstall/reinstall the program. When I attempt to uninstall using add/remove I get the message: "The patch cannot be applied..." I also have tried to install over the current install with the same message. I have used CCleaner and the Windows Install Cleanup Utility to no avail. I have also tried deleting the entire Office file,
  4. Thanks for all the help, but to no avail. I do use ZoneAlarm Pro and have disabled them during setup. Printer and file sharing was turned on when I ran the setup wizard. I'm new to networking and apparently have not found the solution to this problem. Of course Linksys support was no help. The almost English speaking tech said that Linksys does not support printer and file sharing and referred me to an article that just said to run the setup wizard. I am confident that this network can be setup if I can just find the right combination. As I said in original post, these two machines are shar
  5. Thanks for the reply MikeX. I am the admin. on both computers and they are on the same workgroup. They just will not recognize each other. I must be doing something wrong in the setup-just don't know what it is. Rick
  6. Hi all. First time poster-long time reader. I need some help with my wireless network. I have two machines, both running XP Pro. All updates and no ad/spy ware. The main computer is hardwired into a Linksys Wireless router which is connected to a cable modem. I have a Linksys wireless PCI adapter on the second computer. I have been able to establish an internet connection on both computers with no problems. What I can't do is setup any file or printer sharing between the two. I have run the Network Setup Wizard numerous times and all seems to go well, but when I open "My Network Places" there