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  1. When people confuse a religion with the politics of a foreign nation, everything get skewed.

    They go hand in hand. Middle Eastern counties are often ISLAMIC STATES. Islamic Law and government coincide.

    I'm very unreligious. I think the majority of religions suppress their followers. But to attack just one, such as Islam, is nothing but closed-mindedness .

    There is no other mjaor religion that is so controlling, or that dictates every way of life, other than Islam.

    Right. Because he won't start an unwarranted war with countries in the middle east. I fail to see how anything Obama has done with his foreign policy has hurt us. In fact, I'm extremely happy to see a president reaching out peacefully to other nations.

    He makes America look weak. NOT GOOD.

    Anyway, back to the point, Islam did not add enough to the world that anyone owes a debt. For most of it's history Islam was DEstructive not CONstructive. To say that any owes a debt to Islam is political drivel.

  2. I beleive you're still missing my point (my fault). Im not getting into a tit for tat debate, because it is the whole picture that matters. Western culture and ideals allowed for free thought and expressions (well - mostly - The Roman Catholic church stunted a lot) where as Islam as a whole does not. For Obama to say that we owe a debt to ISLAM is wrong. (key arguement <<<<) Everything Islam touched, touches, and will touch, it suppresses. Islam has stunted/haulted/stopped/reversed more 'enlightenment' than it can every create.

  3. We aren't talking about modern times.

    Fair Enough.

    Let me go back to the quote and clarify. Obama claims that we owe a 'debt' to Islam because Islam paved the way for Europe's enlightenment. This is wrong on several fronts.

    First, let us look at the time period that Wikipedia claims Islam had its "Golden Age". At about the same time Islam was rapidly expanding. It engulfed the Middle East and North Africa. Everywhere Islam went, so did its harsh rulers and treatment of infidels. The Jizya tax and punishment forced countless people of other faiths to convert to Islam. Many of accomplishments given to Islam really go to the Byzitean, Persians, and the others that they took over. In fact, when the Islam invaders conquered, many advancments of the previous peoples were either discarded or stopped. For example, the first hosptial was in Bagdahd, but most medical break throughs of the time were made elsewhere. Why? Islamic law forbade common things such as humane disection.

    Furthermore, many of the arts that came from Muslims are significant not because of the Islamic hertitage, but because the lack there of. In other words, many arts came from Muslims, not Islam (see the difference?).

    The european enlightenment came inspite of, not because of Islam. If the Crusades had not been called and Islam had spread to Europe, there would never have been a "golden age" for Europe, and we would all be living in the 18th century still. Islamic law and the Koran simply do not allow for a Renaissance period such as the one in Europe. Muslims made controbutions, NOT Islam. Therefore "we" do not owe a debt to Islam such as Mr Obama claims we do. (I hope I am clear on this?)

  4. Ive tried to be open minded toward the far left president, unlike the left was to Bush, and unlike the consverative media (Hannity) is to Obama. However, with speeches like this I find it becoming harder and harder. I watched his speech and was left dumfounded and amazed.

    As a student of history, I also know civilization's debt to Islam. It was Islam at places like al-Azhar that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe's Renaissance and Enlightenment. It was innovation in Muslim communities...

    Uh, no Mr. President. History shows time and time again that Islam suppresed enlightenment. To say it "paved the way" is nothign but BS.

    His countuing kiss-ass attitude towards Islam is not diplomacy. It is not helping America. Our enemies are sitting back laughing and thanking Allah that America elected Obama.

    Oh, and Sultan, I clicked the last link in your sig. Nice :thumbsup:

  5. Found this today off the coast of the Florida pan handle. Someone had dropped it down into a compartment of a sunken tug boat in about 80ft of water. Thought you computer geeks might find it interesting. A couple critters were already calling it home.

    * Sorry for the crappy picture quality - The best I could to with the amount of light I had *



  6. Yep. I love "Earth Hour". Gives everyone a chance to make themselves feel like they did something to help the environment, then go on about their life. I too participate, however. I turn on every light in my house, run the A/C, and mix harmfull batches of heavy duty cleaning products to flush down my toilet. :D

    Really though... Anyone else feel like they are getting ripped off by the fluorescent light bulb industry? Mine seem to last a year at best, a couple weeks at worst. I thought these stupid things were supposed to last up to 5 years? :angry:

  7. Rich/popping - sounds like your timing is off. Does your car still have the standard distributor that you can rotate to adjust the timing? If so, you may wanna check that.

    Sounds like you're runnin better atleast. Hows the gas milage doin?

  8. Government created jobs don't help the economy. I could explain why, but this guy did a much better job --


    Also, Ive said it before and will say it again, FDR's "New Deal" made the great depression much worse than it had to be. In most other parts of the world the "great depression" was just an economic recession. America had it worse than virtually anyone else! The reason? The gub'ment trying to get us out of the depression! This latest bill is 10 times worse than what FDR did.

    This is what Jim Cramer has to say also -

  9. Here is her review for her husband's other business. Sounds like an actual customer - Pretty convincing -

    I had my 1971 Chevelle Convertible Repaired by Collision Care and they did an AMAZING job! I have been a Customer Since 2003!

    The staff are helpful and professional. They have been in business since 1981 so I was confident taking my Classic car there.

    I know exactly where to tell the wrecker when we have a fender bender. Whether it's our SUV or my husband's Mercedes, we will ONLY take our vehicles to Collision Care.

    I Highly recommend Collision Care if you want Quality work done on your vehicle. They complete my repairs by the due date and detail my cars before they return them to me.

    You will love Sue, Rob and all the others there.

    I tell everyone I know to go to Collision Care if they have an accident! They really do Care, and Sue - she has been there 17 Years! - is always very sweet and smiling.

    Wonder why used car lots get a bad rap?

    Amazing Huh? :D

  10. This is the crap that really burns my biscutts! As many of you know, many of the product reviews on the internet are fakes put out by their respective businesses. Often times it is VERY difficult to spot real reviews from the fake ones. Of course, most of the time one can only have suspicions, but no real proof, so the reviews don't get taken down.

    Recently I found a glaring fraud on the Yahoo Business Directory.

    Long story short, about a month ago, I rented a uhaul trailer, drove all the darn way to the opposite side of Atlanta, Georgia, to pick up a beautifull 1972 Ford Maverick LDO . The damn thing looked spotless in the 60+ pictures. Got there to find the car not at all as described. They wanted $5200 for it. $5200 for a Ford MAVERICK that was NOT in perfect condition. Yeah, no way in hell. Its a damn economy car form the 70s. Not a Mustang.

    So, I put in an offer of what the car was actually worth, got turned down, and walked out.

    Now, a little bit later I found some reviews of the business - Dixe Dream Cars - on Yahoo. The first review is by a person named DARLA -

    I love Dixie Dream Cars!

    They have an incredible selection of late model used cars, trucks, vans, SUV's, BUT they also have MUSCLE CARS! And they Finance!

    They have Classic Cars, Muscle Cars and even Project Cars! If you can't find the car you want already restored, you can buy one that is in need of Restoration and DO IT YOURSELF!

    They have a Great Restoration Department, too. They will Restore your Classic or Modify it for you!

    And they have a Collision Center! www.CollisionCare.net

    And they have a Service Department!


    If that sounds like an infomercial, thats because it is.

    Darla is the financier at the business. She also happens to be.... THE OWNERS WIFE! :rolleyes: (yes I reported it to Yahoo)

    Now, unless you already knew this information, you would read that review and think that was a pretty good business!

    The lesson here? Be very carefull what reviews you read on the internet! If it sounds to good... blah blah blah

    Just though Id share this little tid bit. Still gets me a little steamed when I think about it :angry2:

  11. Iran is the one offering talks, aren't they?

    Ahemd wants talks on "equal footing". Complete BS. Imanutjob sees Obama as a little kid and is treating him as such. As far as he is concerned, Obama is a pawn in his chess game. If Obama isn't carefull, "talking" to him WILL make him Ahmed's pawn. Ya'll will see. Imanutjob is a VERY smart person.